Time waits for no man. Often there are so many factors that pause our decisions to move forward to improve our business. Am I good enough? What level should I be at this point in my career? I'm still new to this aspect of business. As a perfectionist I get it! I've faced so many levels of self-doubt and poor confidence that I fully understand the fears. But what I learned...and am still learning...is that time waits for no one! Time also doesn't determine your value. So whether you're new or a veteran in your field, if you need help you must ask, apply, and just do it!

This is the first step...what are you waiting for?

Creativity and imagination are elements that to me come naturally. Sometimes I honestly can say that in the 11th hour before a shoot colors and sets just pop into my head to create. I start off with a game plan, a vision, and textiles. And sometimes I sit with them to see how I will make them come together. Understanding color theory, lighting, textures, and skin tones is a very important process when I am creating for my clients. My job is to help you begin to see what I see...it's why I called this section of my business Seeing Sanguine!

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."

~Albert Einstein

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